White Hat Link Building Techniques

There are two key schools of thought in SEO (search engine optimization). One is called White Hat SEO which is a lot more work and requires a lot of time to do. In contrast, there is Black Hat SEO, which is a lot easier; however, due to search engine algorithm changes in spring of 2012 Black Hat is no longer an option. Black Hat has been banned from Google’s algorithm and subsequently pages engaging form this form of SEO have been punished, even black listed, in the search engine result pages (SERP).  What Hat SEO encompasses more than simple link building but link building always has been and likely will continue to be a key component to helping your pages rank well in the search engines. So in a concise review of White Hate SEO Link Building

Article Marketing

writing chalk boardArticle marketing consistent of the creation of content or articles for a client such as a blog or other online content. This requires a writer, research and somewhere to place the content. How this helps your site: Search Engines find value in content on a web site, the more content the better. Updating your site frequently, like a blog, will help keep the page fresh and draw more search engine traffic to your page which will in turn keep your page ranking high. Cost incurs in research, writing, editing and publishing of content

Press Release

A press release is a specific form of article marketing. Should you have a new product or some major announcement a  press release can be utilized as an excellent opportunity to bring in some back links and draw some public attention to your website. This option has the same costs as an article marketing campaign; however, there is an added costs of press release publication.

Blogging and Guest Blogging:

We already discussed blogging as a form of article marketing, but there’s more to blogs. Actively engaging in the comment sections of other related blogs will help establish your online reputation as an expert in your field, while also adding more back links to your site. As a guest blogger you’ll be contributing to other industry relevant blogs with exclusive content that edifies your authority in your field while also bringing in additional visitors and back links to your site.

Video Marketing:

MP900404910Video marketing can be expensive but offers some great rewards. Video is a very shareable platform for content in the social media arena giving it great priority. With the addition of a dialogue transcript a video can also add great SEO value to your website.


Infographics have become a bit of an anomaly. They’re simply an image which states some statistics or facts in a visually appealing way. The appeal with infographics is that they are highly shareable through social media platforms. Thus, your audience will share your infographic for you causing a ‘viral’ spread of your content which will draw natural and organic back links to your site.

Link Bait Viral Campaign:

A link bait campaign may follow with the inclusion of an infographic, video or article created for your site. The idea is to create something so valuable or controversial that it naturally draws hundreds or thousands of links from social media sites or other websites. Some great examples would including an opportunity to win a free iPad with sharing a social media link, or perhaps leaked photos of the new iPhone. Link bait campaigns have to go viral to become successful, this is not easy to accomplish in a short amount of time and often incurs a great amount of initial costs.

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