Don’t Make Me Think – Book Review

Why is this book important for everyone to read?

Picture of Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think

“Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug is the most influential book I have read my entire career as a web developer. Krug is an entertaining author, he’s concise and incredibly informative. The purpose of this book is to encourage you as a website owner or builder to focus on web usability. Web usability is often the step and last consideration of website owners; they’re focused primarily on leads and looks.

What’s the subject matter?

Krug will break down common features of websites and talk about what has been working, what has been failing and what you can start thinking about to make your website perform better, receive more clicks, and have a higher conversion rate. While the title says don’t make¬†me think, the author wants to teach¬†you to think more efficiently and effectively.

Web usability is often the step and last consideration of website owners

What is usability?

Do you see job postings for UX or UI or Usability Engineer/Experience or User Interface? These terms originate from the essential usability fundamentals introduced in this book. Krug details the basics of usability testing, how it works and how he has made a career helping websites improve usability to improve the performance of their sites.

How do you apply what you learn?

This book is very short, you can read it in an evening. You will be introduced to the world of usability, a term you may not have thought of before. After reading this book you’ll look at your site and every other site with a different perspective. You’ll start asking questions such as “I wonder if that navigation menu is disruptive or intuitive?” If you’re ready to take what you learned and start applying it to your sites you’ll be interested in Krug’s follow up book “Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems.”

What Do You Think?