Why Vine will continue to be better than Instagram for video

Facebook has announced that it has added video to Instagram, and the masses rejoiced? So what is the difference in Instagram Video and Vine? What does this mean for marketing?

What is Vine anyway?

Today, most people on vine are on average 18 years of age because marketers haven’t yet figured out how to utilize this service for marketing campaigns. Vine is a video capture social media service that allows its users to create simple six second clips of anything with image and sound. The Instagram equivalent is the exact same principal; however, they have a 15 second time limit.

What can you accomplish in in six or fifteen seconds?

Many people are using these video services to show off their surroundings, what they’re eating or a funny joke. The power lies in the brevity. People are constantly on the go, and on their phones. It’s becoming increasingly uncommon for someone to own an antiquated phone that lacks web browsing. While we wait for a cab, wait for an appointment, or simply sit through commercials on cable television we pull out our phones to see what our friends are up to. As a marketer this is a powerful advertising window. The marketing truth is that the American attention span for advertising online is about two seconds yet we as marketers attempt to force TV advertising standards on the web- it doesn’t sell.

The American attention span for advertising online is about two seconds

Creativity in brevity

To utilize these new tools we need a new game plan, we need creatives to write a pitch that sells in the time it takes you to read a watch. “$1 Pizza” sold. This concept is hard for most people- it’s certainly hard for me, but that’s why the video addition is such a progressive advantage. Say I’m selling a 20% deal on some blue jeans for a local clothier. My script would be like this : 1 sec, pan jean brand A, 1 sec, pan jean brand B, 1 sec, pan jean brand C, 2 sec, “20% OFF NOW-SATURDAY”, 1 sec, SHOP NOW. It loops and repeats. Using this template you can alter the call to action, the sales pitch, and the products displayed. It’s cheap, it’s effective, it’s brief- it’s what the audience is reading.

Why Vine over Instagram?

Instagram will be supreme if you’re trying to say “I love you” to your spouse or family member, in these instances more time is always better. However, for marketing, we must take into consideration the ever shortening attention span of our audience. They’re on the go, they’re looking at this content while multitasking and we need to be conscious of that. There’s beauty in simplicity and efficiency in brevity.

Objectivity: Try both, adapt a sales campaign that utilizes both Vine and Instagram. Every industry is totally different and I could be totally wrong. They’re both free, so the only cost you have is production.

What Do You Think?